Speed Taxi

The system gives to the company the ability to give a better and fast service to their clients. Technologies used in this project: Native Android App, JSON, PHP, MYSql.
The application is organised in two section
1- A web based application that gives the operators the posibility to assign clients orders to the taxi drivers
2- A native Android APP that is installed in each taxi driver app.


Creativity without strategy is called Art, Creative with strategy is called Advertising!

Vodafone City

Vodafone City Game started as an interesting route with the purpose of providing to all of its customers one of the most interactive and unique experience.

 The thrill of the game standed in following an interesting route where each milestone they reached lead to a new surprise.

The game generated buzz and interest of Vodafone followers that asked for the game to be played in all Albania cities.

The call to action: Be the first to open the Gate of your city and win!

Digital Commissariat

Use of technology in order to respond to the public claims on issues of public order and standards through the improved performance of police service.

Mobile for Good Policy, VF Donation Policy, EU requirement for SAA with Albania.
Partnering with police forces, and experienced NGO in training & Monitoring process.
Engage public to contribute for improvement of standards/conditions of the public order/ corruption/ rule of law.



The new way of money transfer.
Now with Vodafone M-Pesa, if your relatives are abroad, they can send you money in Albania.
The international money transfer is performed in real time with very low commissions, directly on your phone, at any time.


Balfin Group

Our great work for Balfin Group.
Have a look at the link below
Balfin Group

Winston X-Style – POS application

The application is developed for IOS devices.

INTV Albania

Vodafone City 2

Vodafone City came back with another mission, this time in 10 cities: Tirana, Durres, Elbasan, Shkodra, Kukes, Fier, Berat, Korca, Gjirokastra and Vlora. Each city had a coded gate which was protected with dignity by a guard. They are determined to protect their city gate until the most capable players would detect 10 elements that decrypt it.

The call to action: Be the first to open the Gate of your city and win!
The winners were rewarded with 10 iPhone 6s, 45 iPhone 6, 110 Vodafone
Smart Prime 6 and 11,000 of Vodafone Monthly Packages.

This time the application offered a mini game which was incorporated inside the application, with the purpose to maintain the users entertained during the game, while they were trying to find the targets hidden in their cities.

During the mini game, the users should find step by step different targets, in order to pass to the next level.

The difficulties inside the mini game, kept increasing in each level making it even a more challenging game.

According to user's comments in the micro site forum and in the Facebook page, almost 50% of Vodafone City users have continuously played the mini game and have given us the most positive feedback.